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Some Volvo Car Doors Have a Mind of Their Own

» Posted January 6, 2020Resources | Share This Post

Car doors are best used when the vehicle is stopped.

Volvo is recalling nearly 150,000 cars because of a defect that could cause the vehicle’s doors to open unexpectedly while the car is moving. The company says that poses a safety hazard.

“A component within the door latches may break, making the doors difficult to latch and/or leading the driver or a passenger to believe a door is securely closed when, in fact, it is not,” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a recall acknowledgment. “A door that is not securely latched could open while the vehicle is in motion, increasing the risk of injury to a vehicle occupant.”

The recall covers S60 sedans and V60 wagons produced from 2011 to 2017. The company began notifying owners in January and said it will offer free inspections and repairs.

The latch problem is likely to occur in hot temperatures, according to Volvo. Affected latches may weaken over time, causing them to break off when being used. Although that is most likely to occur when the door is opened, Volvo said some owners may not notice that the latch is broken.

This is not the first time that Volvo has had to deal with defect issues. The Swedish carmaker issued two major recalls in early 2019. Those recalls, covering some 370,000 vehicles, were the result of fuel line cracks and electric trunk problems. In August, the company recalled another 500,000 cars because of engine defects that could, in some cases, cause vehicles to catch fire.

Legal Rights for California Car Owners

The Volvo recall is just the latest reminder that new and used cars often come loaded with all kinds of defects that can pose serious safety hazards.

Fortunately, the California lemon law offers some significant protections for car owners in the Golden State. The law requires manufacturers to make certain repairs to cars while they are under warranty and to buy back those vehicles if the manufacturer is unwilling or unable to fix the problem.

The law also allows the carmaker to offer to replace the car with a new one, but it is ultimately up to the owner to decide whether to accept that option. An experienced California lemon law attorney can help you weigh your rights and options.

Speak with a California Lemon Law Attorney

If you are a car owner who is grappling with your car’s manufacturer over repairs, an experienced California lemon law attorney can help. A lawyer can help you build the strongest possible case and ensure that the carmaker is held fully accountable.

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