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Sound Recognition Could Help With Auto Repairs

» Posted November 24, 2017Resources | Share This Post

An Orange County lemon law attorney can provide you with help if your car has repeated problems and you want to explore your options for finding a remedy.  It can be very frustrating when your vehicle has problems, especially if the car is a newer one and especially if you do not know how to diagnose what is wrong so you can get repairs made.

NPR reported recently on the ways in which recognizing sounds could help to improve your ability to understand what is wrong with your car.  There is currently technology being developed to help drivers better identify what different sounds mean about their vehicle's operation,

Sound Recognition Could Help Drivers to Make Repairs

According to NPR, around 50 percent of people who take their cars to a repair shop have a common complaint: there is some type of sound which is being made by the vehicle which a driver is not able to identify. Car owners take their vehicles to repair shops so that a professional can determine what the sound is a symptom of, can check the vehicle for the appropriate problem, and can make the necessary repairs.

In some cases, however, the sounds the cars are making may be an indicator of something very minor, or may not even be an indicator of a problem that needs to be addressed imminently. This means car owners could take their cars for repairs, and could sometimes get ripped off on repair costs, even if they could have waited longer to bring in their vehicles or even if there was not any need for them to actually bring in their vehicles at all.

The problem is, drivers are bad at listening to what their cars are trying to tell them-- but technology could potentially make it easier because tech tools could decode what is likely going on with the car without the driver having to bring the vehicle to the garage for service the car does not actually need.

To develop and test technology aimed at better identifying vehicle noises, a quantum physicist and neuroscientist who has modeled how human hearing works has placed microphones in auto repair shops. The microphones can recognize and identify the meaning of as many as 65 different sounds that could indicate different kinds of vehicle problems.  As the technology develops, it can make the car repair process much easier and could give car owners a new way to determine if they need to get repairs made on their vehicles.

While technology that better allows you to recognize and understand your vehicle's sounds could go a long way towards making it easier to deal with car problems, even with technology, you still don't want to have to cope with continuous issues – especially in a new car.

If your vehicle has lots of problems and you are frustrated with the repeated need for repairs, you should talk with an Orange County lemon law attorney to find out if you have any recourse. Contact an attorney as soon as possible when you begin having repeated issues with your cars so you can make sure you take full advantage of any legal protections that may be available to you.

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