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Stellantis Dealers Prep for Shift to Electric Vehicles

» Posted February 13, 2023Resources | Share This Post

Stellantis car dealers are largely getting on board with the automaker's shift to electric vehicles, according to a new report.

Almost 70% of Stellantis’ dealer network is transitioning to electric, the company told the Detroit Free Press. The manufacturer is partnering with Michigan-based Future Energy to assist dealers in the transition.

"As we accelerate the drive toward electrification, Stellantis is in full-execution mode with an electrification strategy designed specifically to address the needs of our dealership network," Stellantis official Phil Langley said in a statement announcing the partnership. “From business operations and inventory management to service centers and employee culture, our goal is to work directly with our dealers to best prepare for, be successful in and address any challenges they may face as the automotive industry continues to move toward electrification."

The company previously set a goal of making at least half of its U.S. new car sales electric vehicles by 2030. California will ban the sale of new, gas-powered cars by 2035 under a new rule recently issued by the state’s Air Resources Board.

General Motors was the first major manufacturer to announce an all-electric shift, pledging to make all of its new offerings electric by 2035. Several competitors have followed with similar goals. Ford Motor Co., for example, plans to make electric cars at least 40% of its annual vehicle sales by 2030. 

Stellantis said dealers are undergoing “comprehensive evaluations” as they prepare for the all-electric future. That includes “identifying energy requirements, electrical infrastructure changes and necessary utility service upgrades,” as well as “calculating charging needs to support different areas of their business.”

Car Defects Pose Real Safety Risks

While Stellantis dealers prepare for the future of driving, the automaker is still having a hard time ensuring that the cars it makes today are actually safe to hit the road.

The company recently announced, for example, that it finally has a fix for a defect in certain Pacific minivans that put them at risk of engine fires. That came about eight months after Stellantis acknowledged receiving at least 12 reports of minivan fires.

Stellantis last year recalled half a million Ram pickup trucks because of a wheel defect that the company told federal regulators increased the risk of a crash. The move came months after Stellantis separately recalled 20,000 Ram trucks that it said were at risk of engine fires.

How the California Lemon Law Works

Stellantis is not alone. Major car manufacturers routinely recall slews of vehicles, citing a wide range of defects that pose serious safety risks.

For car owners in California, that is where the state’s lemon law comes in. You do not need to wait around for a recall to get a defective or malfunctioning vehicle fixed.

The California lemon law requires car manufacturers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also forces manufacturers to buy back covered vehicles that they are unwilling or not able to fix.

Speak with a Lemon Law Attorney

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