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Stellantis Recalls 280,000 Chrysler, Dodge Cars, Citing Dangerous Airbags

» Posted April 17, 2024Resources | Share This Post

Stellantis is recalling some 280,000 Dodge and Chrysler vehicles over defects in airbags that could cause serious injuries and even deaths.

Airbag inflators in the vehicles could rupture unexpectedly, according to the automaker. That would cause the safety devices to explode, sending harmful shrapnel hurtling through the interior of the cars.

The problem specifically is with side air bag inflatable curtain ("SABIC") inflators that were not properly manufactured, Stellantis said in a defect notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“A SABIC inflator rupture may result in compressed gas rapidly escaping from the inflator and material potentially being propelled into the vehicle,” Chrysler said. “Material being propelled into an occupied vehicle may cause injury.”

The recall covers certain 2018-2021 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 models.

Stellantis uncovered the issue earlier this year, the company told NHTSA. It found that some of the "affected vehicles may have had moisture introduced into the inflator." That moisture appears to have caused inflators to corrode, which puts them at risk of rupturing.

Stellantis plans to notify owners of recalled vehicles via mail by May 3. Car owners can also check NHTSA’s website to see if their vehicles are covered by the recall. 

Stellantis will ask owners to bring their vehicles to authorized service providers for inspection and to have side airbags replaced, free of charge. It told NHTSA it will also reimburse owners for expenses already incurred as a result of the defect.

The company “has a longstanding policy and practice of reimbursing owners who have incurred the cost of repairing a problem that subsequently becomes the subject of a field action,” it said. Stellantis “will request that customers send the original receipt and/or other adequate proof of payment to the company for confirmation of the expense.”

Legal Rights for California Car Owners

Stellantis is not alone when it comes to these kinds of safety problems.

The world’s largest auto manufacturers call back millions of vehicles every year, citing a wide range of serious defects and malfunctions that increase safety risks for everyone on the road. The recalls are often announced long after defective cars have already been sold to unsuspecting buyers.

Fortunately, there is some good news for car owners and lessors in California. You do not need to wait around for a recall in order to get defective vehicles fixed.

The California lemon law generally requires carmakers to perform repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also forces manufacturers to buy back vehicles that they are unable or flat out refuse to fix. That means compensating the owner for the vehicle’s purchase price, as well as financing charges, rental car costs and other related expenses.

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