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Technology That Helps to Identify Potential Car Breakdowns

» Posted November 10, 2017Resources | Share This Post

Car breakdowns can be very frustrating for vehicle owners, especially if the vehicle that has broken down is a new one. The California lemon law provides some protection for new vehicle buyers whose cars break down repeatedly. Unfortunately, even if consumers have legal rights and have remedies available to them when their cars have problems, dealing with repeated breakdowns can still be a major hassle.

Car breakdowns can leave motorists stranded on the side of the road, or worse. A breakdown could increase the chances of a collision occurring if the car fails when it is being driven.  Unexpected breakdowns can also be very costly and time consuming to fix, leaving a driver without a vehicle for a long time. 

The good news is, The Sun reports that unexpected breakdowns could soon become far less likely thanks to new technologies that are able to anticipate when a problem is about to happen.

New Technology Lets You Know When to Expect a Breakdown

According to The Sun, there are new systems that predict car breakdowns. These systems could come factory installed on new vehicles, or they could be retrofitted and installed in older model vehicles with relatively little expense. 

The technology that predicts breakdowns is designed to anticipate problems and it is effective at this due to the increasing number of car parts that are linked to the on-board computer in vehicles. The  breakdown detection technology is able to garner information about vehicle parts from the on-board computer and can use this information to make a prediction regarding when a problem is likely to occur with the different linked devices that make up the car's operational system. 

The predictions made by this technology could be far more accurate than simply estimating when vehicle parts likely need to be repaired based on a vehicle's age and the product life cycle.  Some of the technologies will even take action both to alert you to the problem and to handle setting up an appointment for car repairs to be performed.

Predictive technology to anticipate breakdowns is being developed by numerous sources and there have been big advancements in how effective the technology is in anticipating in advance when breakdowns are impending. Experts are optimistic that the emerging predictive technologies will have a big impact on reducing the total number of unexpected breakdowns. 

In fact, technologies to defect breakdowns could cut the total number of unexpected breakdowns by about half, reducing costs of repairs by more than $1.3 billion and reducing the time motorists spend waiting for help after a surprise breakdown on the road while they are driving. 

Some experts believe that even greater success rates could occur, projecting that by 2020, unexpected breakdowns may be almost entirely eliminated.

Unfortunately, while anticipating a breakdown does mean you can plan ahead in advance to make repairs, it doesn't mean that you can avoid fixes that your car needs.  These fixes can still be costly. You should make certain you know the California Lemon Law in case your car has repeated problems and you want to explore your legal remedies for avoiding substantial financial loss.

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