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Tesla Cybertruck Could Get Another Delay

» Posted January 13, 2023Resources | Share This Post

Tesla fans pining to get behind the wheel of the electric vehicle manufacturer’s new Cybertuck will have to wait a little while longer.

The company now plans to start producing the vehicles in Texas in late 2023, according to a new report from Reuters. That is about a full two years past Tesla’s original target date for putting Cybertrucks on the road.

“We’re in the final lap for Cybertruck,” Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk recently said in a conference call with financial analysts, according to Reuters. The company is reportedly prepping a plant in Austin, Texas to start production by mid-2023.

The new timeline would “mean a wait of another year for the estimated hundreds of thousands of potential buyers who have paid $100 to reserve a Cybertruck in one of the most highly anticipated and closely tracked electric vehicle launches ever,” according to Reuters.

The truck has been getting buzz since late 2019 when Musk’s mishap at a Cybertruck unveiling event went viral on the internet. The enigmatic tech chief watched on awkwardly as a colleague inadvertently shattered the “bulletproof” side window during a much-hyped event in November of that year.

Tesla has still yet to officially say how much the vehicles will cost. Car prices have soared since the company tentatively pegged the price tag at $40,000 three years ago. The company has since raised prices across its vehicle lineup, according to Reuters.

Tesla also has not unveiled a production version of the vehicle or detailed how it will produce batteries for the trucks.

Tesla Defects Pose Safety Hazards

Meanwhile, Tesla and anyone who drives its cars have some serious safety issues on their hands.

The company is facing at least two federal investigations over its Autopilot driver assist technology, according to news reports. The Justice Department is looking into claims that the technology allows Tesla vehicles to drive themselves, Reuters recently reported

The probes follow more than a dozen accidents involving cars in which the Autopilot system was reportedly engaged.

In October, the company recalled some 1.1 million vehicles over defective power windows that created a possible injury threat. The company said earlier this year that it was recalling roughly 54,000 vehicles over a “rolling stop” feature that may not allow cars to come to a full stop at intersections.

Fortunately, Tesla and other car owners in California have some important rights and options under the state’s lemon law.

Formally known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the lemon law requires Tesla and other auto manufacturers to perform a wide variety of repairs on cars while they are under warranty. It also forces manufacturers to buy back (or replace, in some situations) cars that they cannot or simply refuse to fix.

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