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The Best Time to Buy a New or Used Car

» Posted March 16, 2018Resources | Share This Post

Buying a new car is a risky endeavor. There's always the chance that you will end up having to pay too much for the vehicle or that some other serious problem will result – like you'll accidentally buy a car that comes with a lot of defects.

There are consumer protection laws that can provide some help if your car turns out to be a dud, and an Orange County lemon law attorney can provide you with advice on how to work within the legal system to pursue remedies. Unfortunately, there if you just get ripped off on your car because you pay too much for the vehicle, there's essentially nothing that can be done in these situations.

One way to avoid overpaying is to be smart about when you buy your vehicle so you can purchase the car at a time when you're more likely to get the best price. The Drive reported recently on when to buy new and used cars so you can pick the right time to go car shopping.

When Should You Buy a Car?

According to The Drive, the holiday season and the end of the year are optimum times to purchase new cars as dealers want to target shoppers making big purchases for Christmas while also clearing out their prior year's inventory before the new year arrives.

The end of the month is also a good time to buy if you're looking to score deals, especially if the end of the month also happens to fall at the end of the quarter when dealers want to meet their quotas.

Of course, not everyone can wait until the holiday season or can wait several months to purchase a vehicle. Motorists can also take advantage of special deals on three-day weekends. Most car dealers offer sales around President's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. These holidays are a great time for promotional sales and are spread throughout the year, in winter, summer, and fall.

Buying during auto show sales is also recommended by The Drive, as dealers typically have special bargain pricing when car shows come to town. Cash back incentives and special financing may also be offered during car show periods as dealers compete for business.

By focusing on these times, you can often score a much lower price than if you buy when dealers have ample time to meet their quotas and get rid of old models.

On the other hand, spring can be an especially bad season for car shoppers because people often begin looking for new vehicles as the weather warms up, which increases demand, lowers supply and drives up prices.  Avoiding the start of a new model year is also recommended, as dealers are less likely to cut you a break on a car that's just been released to the market.

No matter when you actually buy your car, it is important to know your rights once you get the vehicle home. If you have problems with your car, an Orange County lemon law attorney can provide the help you need to take action.

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