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The Secrets of Used Car Dealers

» Posted December 19, 2016Resources | Share This Post

The Lemon Law and other consumer protection laws provide certain remedies for buyers if problems arise with vehicles. Unfortunately, even with consumer protection laws in place, it can be hard for car buyers to make informed decisions and get a fair bargain. It can seem as though virtually the entire car-buying process is set up to make consumers fail in making smart decisions about the purchase, since the buying process is fraught with potential pitfalls.

Car dealers have all the knowledge and power when it comes to the vehicles they are selling and the transaction they are undertaking, so consumers are at a significant disadvantage.  Hiring a skilled Los Angeles lemon law lawyer to help enforce consumer protection laws allows a consumer to take advantage of legal protections.

Unfortunately, unless and until a car buying transaction escalates into a problem, car buyers are on their own to try to navigate their way through a buying process that is engineered to make money for dealers rather than meeting the needs of consumers.

Six Things Car Dealers Hide from Car Buyers

Although there are a huge number of ways car dealers can complicate and hide important details about cars from consumers, car buyers can at least find out some of their tricks. The New Wheels.com has published a list of six things that used car dealers generally hide from consumers. By reviewing these six things on the list before you start shopping, you will be a better-informed buyer who is more likely to get a fair deal. 

The six things dealers hide from car buyers include:

  • The catch to any deal that seems too good to be true: If a dealer promises a really low interest rate or a really low price, read the fine print to find out what you're missing. Dealers routinely try to get people to sign on the dotted line and agree to a deal without knowing about disadvantageous terms buried within the agreement.
  • The fact better deals can be had elsewhere: Consumers can often get a better deal on a vehicle by buying through third parties, as middlemen can negotiate discounts from dealers and save consumers thousands.
  • The true value of your trade-in: Car dealers typically offer way less than the car is worth. Even if your car is in really bad shape, you might be able to get more cash by selling it for scrap than turning it into a dealer.
  • How overpriced vehicle options are: Dealers try to sell you on options, even though they may add little actual functionality or value and they cost far more than they are worth.
  • Fees you'll end up paying at the end: When you agree on a price and get ready to sign, you may discover the price is a lot higher than expected because of miscellaneous fees and add-ons. In fact, The New Wheel indicates these surprise charges could cost as much as $500 to $2,000 extra.
  • The realities of vehicle servicing: Car dealers often tell you that you have to service your car with them, but this may not be the case, depending upon your warranty terms. Servicing with a dealer is a lot more expensive.

Even knowing all of this does not necessarily mean you won't have unexpected problems or be left without essential information.  If a problem does arise, you should talk with a Lemon Law attorney as soon as possible to find out what options, if any, you have available to you for addressing the issue.

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