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Tips for Improving Your Car Buying Experience

ยป Posted April 25, 2018Resources | Share This Post

When you buy a car, the entire process can be a really frustrating experience. It's hard to determine if you're getting a good deal on a new vehicle purchase or not and even more difficult to make sure you get a car that will perform well.

A vehicle is a big investment and the consequences can be bad if things go wrong as you could face safety issues and financial loss. A California lemon law lawyer can provide help to some car buyers who experience problems after purchasing a vehicle, but car buyers still face challenges when issues with their cars occur.

Even when things go right, most people don't like spending hours at the dealer, negotiating and haggling over prices and waiting to fill out all of the paperwork they need to buy a car. While some of the issues with car buying aren't likely to be resolved any time soon, there are some ways you can try to make the experience at least a little more pleasant. In fact CU Insight recently offered three tips to those shopping for new cars who want to have a better time when buying a vehicle.

Three Tips to Improve the Car Buying Experience

Tips from CU Insight to improve the car buying experience include the following:

  • Do your research online first: Showing up at the dealer unprepared makes it more likely you'll get a bad deal on a vehicle or be pushed into buying a car with poor safety ratings or lots of problems. You want to research different makes and models and compare prices, features, ratings, and other key details. By shopping online before going to a dealership, you can often narrow down exactly which vehicle you will buy and can make sure it's in your price range. You can also get an idea of how much you should pay for the car and what your trade-in is likely to be worth.
  • Shop for your vehicle during the week: Car dealerships are typically busier on Saturdays when more people are off of work. If you shop during the week, there will be fewer other customers around and dealers who want to close a sale may offer you a better deal. You'll also get more attention from salesmen since the dealership will be less crowded and the process of completing the deal and filling out the paperwork should go faster.
  • Don't always shop at the nearest dealership: You usually don't have to drive far to get to a different dealer if you're not satisfied with price, selection or service.

While following these tips should make the logistics of the car buying process easier and less stressful, you still face the possibility that the car you buy will turn out to have serious issues. A California lemon law lawyer can help you to understand your rights and pursue appropriate remedies when you purchase a vehicle that ends up having problems. You should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible, as a car with repeated issues or defects could be dangerous to drive.

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