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Toyota Kills Avalon Large Sedan

» Posted October 18, 2021Resources | Share This Post

In a sign of the times, it is time to say “goodbye” to the Toyota Avalon.

Toyota is reportedly ending production on Avalon sedans in August 2022, citing dwindling demand. Auto week calls the low-selling model “another victim of the SUV crossover onslaught.”

“At the time the current Toyota Avalon was introduced, passenger cars made up 28 percent of the U.S. market,” Mark Vaughn writes for the online car news publication. “Now, if you slice that segment up and look at the ‘large sedan’ part of it, that figure is a sliver at 0.8 percent. Other manufacturers were dropping out of the segment like flies as buyers swatted them away in favor of crossovers.”

Ford Taurus, Chevy Impala, and Kia Cadenza are among the other large sedans already shipped to the graveyard. 

Meanwhile, Toyota is having trouble ensuring that the cars it will continue to produce are actually safe to drive. 

The company recalled more than 260,000 Prius vehicles last year, for example, citing a software snafu that Toyota said could cause the cars to stall unexpectedly and without warning. Toyota also recalled approximately 700,000 vehicles because of a separate fuel pump issue that the company said put those cars at risk of stalling.

How the California Lemon Law Protects Car Owners, Lessors

It is not just a Toyota problem. Auto manufacturers around the globe recall millions of vehicles each year, often citing serious defects that pose significant safety hazards. The recalls are commonly announced long after cars have left factory floors and dealership lots.

The good news for California car owners is that you have some important rights and protections if you have been stuck with a defective vehicle. You do not need to wait for a recall to get your vehicle repaired.

The California lemon law requires car manufacturers to perform a wide variety of repairs in vehicles while they are under warranty. The law also requires manufacturers to buy back cars that the companies are unable or simply not willing to fix. That means covering the purchase price of the vehicle and reimbursing the owner for financing costs and other expenses.

In some cases, a manufacturer can instead offer to replace the vehicle. It is up to the owner, however, to decide whether to accept or reject this alternative arrangement.

A California lemon law attorney can help you understand your rights, evaluate your case and take action to hold your car’s manufacturer accountable.

Our Sacramento Lemon Law Firm Can Help

If you are a car owner or lessor who is stuck with a lemon, there is no reason to go it alone. A seasoned attorney at Bickel Sannipoli APC can help you fight back. 

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