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Toyota Partners With Japanese Government to Create a Moon Car

» Posted March 27, 2019Resources | Share This Post

More than five decades after man first landed on the moon, Toyota is working on a vehicle that the company says will enhance lunar exploration.

Toyota is partnering with the Japanese government to build a hydrogen-powered moon rover. The company plans to have the six-wheeled trucks ready to travel up to 6,200 miles across the moon’s surface within 10 years.

“Manned rovers with pressurized cabins are an element that will play an important role in full-fledged exploration and use of the lunar surface,” Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency President Hiroshi Yamakawa said in a statement announcing the partnership. “For this, we would like to concentrate our country's technological abilities and conduct technological studies.”

The vehicle is still in an early, conceptual phase. Toyota and JAXA expect it to stretch some 20 feet and draw on both hydrogen fuel cells and solar power for juice. It will also be equipped with pressurized living space that would allow two people to stay in the vehicle without having to wear spacesuits.

“Fuel cells, which use clean power-generation methods, emit only water, and, because of their high energy density, they can provide a lot of energy, making them especially suited for the project being discussed with JAXA,” Toyota Executive Vice President Shigeki Terashi said as part of the announcement.

The futuristic rovers will also have to be tough on the outside in order to navigate the moon’s rugged terrain and withstand the elements. Japan expects to launch five expeditions to explore various parts of the moon, beginning in 2029.

The California Lemon Law Protects Drivers on Earth

While Toyota sets its sights on the moon, plenty of car manufacturers still have their hands full here on Earth. New cars roll off of factory lots every day with defects that can put everyone on the road at risk.

Toyota, for example, recently recalled nearly 1 million Prius vehicles over concerns that a software bug could cause the cars to stall. The company isn’t alone by a long shot. Safety recalls are an unfortunately common occurrence.

Fortunately, California car buyers and lessors have some legal protections. The California lemon law requires carmakers to perform certain repairs on vehicles while they’re still under warranty. If the manufacturer refuses or isn’t able to repair problems with the car, it’s required under the law to replace the vehicle or reimburse the owner/lessor for the purchase price and related costs. It’s up to the owner/lessor to decide which option to take.

The law also forces the manufacturer to pick up any of your legal costs related to enforcing these rights.

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