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Toyota Stability Control Problem Prompts 460K-Car Recall

» Posted June 3, 2022Resources | Share This Post

Toyota Motor Corporation is calling back nearly half a million cars because of a defect that puts everyone on the road with the vehicles at an increased risk of an accident.

The company is recalling some 460,000 vehicles across models, Toyota recently told federal regulators. A software glitch may inadvertently disable the electronic stability control system, increasing the risk of a crash, according to Toyota.

“The subject vehicles are equipped with a Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system that is operated by a Skid Control ECU with a specific software logic,” Toyota said in a defect notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “Due to an incorrect programming of the Skid Control ECU software, after a particular set of operating inputs where the driver manually turns off the VSC by the VSC in-vehicle control and the ignition is turned off and then turned back on while the brake pedal is continuously depressed, the VSC will not return to the default ON setting at the next ignition cycle.”

The recalled cars include certain 2020-2022 Venza, Mirai, RAV4 Hybrid, RAV4 Prime, Sienna Hybrid, and Highlander Hybrid vehicles. Also included are the LS500h, LX600, NX350h, and NX450h-plus from the Lexus luxury brand.

Toyota told NHTSA it planned to notify owners of recalled cars by mid-June. It will ask owners to bring their cars to a local dealer for inspection and a software update, free of charge.

Toyota Defects Pose Safety Risks

This is not Toyota’s first rodeo when it comes to recalling cars over serious defects. Many of these recalls happen long after defective vehicles have been sold to unwitting buyers.

Late last year, for example, Toyota recalled some 230,000 Camry sedans because of malfunctioning vane caps on the cars’ vacuum pumps. The company said the problem could cause the vehicles to suddenly lose power-braking assistance, increasing the risk of a crash.

Toyota recalled more than 260,000 Prius vehicles in 2020, citing a software glitch that the company told NHTSA could cause covered cars to stall without warning, also increasing the risk of a collision.

How the California Lemon Law Works

The good news for Toyota and other vehicle owners in California is that you do not need to wait for a recall to get defective cars fixed.

The California lemon law requires car manufacturers to do a variety of repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. Formally known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the law also requires companies to buy back or replace cars that they cannot or will not fix.

Toyota and other manufacturers are additionally forced to pick up the tab for any legal fees that owners incur while enforcing their lemon law rights.

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