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Two Features in Modern Cars that Cause Major Complaints

» Posted April 28, 2017Resources | Share This Post

A California lemon law lawyer provides assistance to car owners whose vehicles cause them repeated problems. Unfortunately, as cars have become more complex and there are an ever-increasing number of computerized car parts, costly and complex car problems have become very common. Motorists may find themselves increasingly frustrated with vehicle components that don't work properly and could end up going back to manufacturers time and again to make fixes.

While the past several years have seen record vehicle recalls for a wide variety of different reasons, from exploding airbags to faulty ignition switches, some problems are far more common in vehicles than others.  Just recently, Business Insider reported on two vehicle features that frequently cause problems for car owners.

The Two Most Common Feature-Related Complaints

Business Insider reported on data from the Annual Auto Reliability Survey, which is conducted by Consumer Reports.  Consumer Reports asked subscribers and vehicle owners about car problems, and a common trend appeared as many motorists experienced issues with the same vehicle parts.

The parts causing the problems: multi-speed transmissions and advanced infotainment systems.  Multi-speed transmissions have become common in cars because they are supposed to increase fuel efficiency. Infotainment systems are also increasingly included in vehicles to provide motorists with the digital electronic information that drivers expect modern cars to have.

Business Insider indicates that rapid technological advances are a big the reason infotainment systems have become such a major source of complaints. While car owners were content with CD players, radios and cassette decks just a few years, motorists today expect to have hands-free infotainment systems that provide seamless access to GPS directions and to a vast array of music choices. Many motorists also depend upon these systems to integrate with smart phones. 

The kinks are still being worked out as car makers each develop their own infotainment systems to meet consumer demand.  Yet, consumers routinely complain about these systems not working as well as they should and not being very user-friendly.

Multi-speed transmissions, another new technology, may also be causing problems.  The change from four and five speed automatic transmissions to transmissions with seven, eight, or nine speeds has increased fuel efficiency at the cost of compromised reliability. As Business Insider explains: “Lately, we've found that some 8- and 9-speeds misbehave when driving.”

As car makers continue to provide the latest in vehicle advances to motorists, consumers may become increasingly frustrated that these technologies commonly fail to work as expected.  

Whatever the problems are with your vehicle, it is important that you understand the consumer protection laws that exist to protect you. A lemon law attorney at The Bickel Law Firm, Inc. can provide you with information on what your rights are if you have repeated issues with your vehicle. Call today to talk with an attorney and find out what you can do to address your car problems.

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