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U.S. Car Sales On the Rise: Make Sure You Don't Get a Lemon

» Posted May 7, 2018Resources | Share This Post

A Los Angeles lemon law attorney provides help to purchasers of new vehicles that turn out to be defective. More vehicle owners may soon experience problems simply by virtue of the fact that more vehicles are being sold in the United States. As more cars come onto the market and more consumers buy them, the odds that some consumers end up with defective cars goes up.

U.S. Auto Sales are Rising

MarketWatch recently wrote about the trend of rising U.S. auto sales. U.S. car sales were strong in March, according to reports, with an extra day of sales, strong incentives for buyers, fleet sales and an increase in showroom traffic due to improving weather conditions all helping to drive sales up.

However, MarketWatch indicated that demand for new vehicles is not the same for all different vehicle types. Instead, there is a big increase in demand for large vehicles, including the types of vehicles that would normally be more difficult to obtain if emissions standards put in place by the Obama administration were to go into effect. The Environmental Protection Agency under the Trump administration has eased those emissions standards by changing fuel-economy rules Obama appointees put into place, so more car makers will be able to produce more of the SUVs and pickup trucks that consumers are demanding.

One example is the Lincoln Navigator SUV, which was revamped for 2018 and which sold almost 50 percent better than the prior year's model.  However, there are many examples and, in fact, the North American sales chief for Toyota Motor Corp has indicated that car makers expect around 70 percent of the new vehicle market will entirely be devoted to SUVs and trucks.

Other car manufacturers are also adjusting their production to meet demand for big SUVs. Honda Motor Co., for example, will be cutting its sedan production as consumer demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles falls.  GM and other Detroit automakers have also moved towards discontinuing or significantly cutting back on slower-selling passenger vehicles and have instead switched to producing large SUVs and light trucks including pickup trucks.

A range of car dealers are also adding new offerings to their SUV lineups and even more variants of SUV vehicles.  Some have indicated they're not even sure if they can meet growing demand for SUVs as consumers increasingly try to buy these large vehicles.

Dealers, however, are happy with the trend as dealers tend to like to sell these vehicles as much as consumers like to buy them, since dealers can get a bigger profit margin when consumers are willing to pay a premium for more space or more vehicle capability.

Unfortunately, if consumers buy SUVs or pickup trucks that turn out to have serious defects, they could face costly fixes and a lot of inconvenience. A Los Angeles lemon law attorney can provide help to consumers who have purchased new vehicles of any type who are experiencing problems with their vehicle. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible if your car has defects to get advice on remedies available to you.

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