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Used Cars: The 6 Things You Should Do Before Buying One

» Posted September 20, 2017Resources | Share This Post

Car buyers need to know what their legal rights are in case something goes wrong when they purchase a vehicle. A California lemon law lawyer can provide help to those who buy cars that turn out to have serious defects. Unfortunately, many people don't know or understand the laws applicable to vehicle problems and many people don't know how they can protect themselves when buying a new or a used car.

If you are considering  the purchase of a used vehicle, WHNT provides tips and insight into six key things that you should do before you make a commitment to buy.  The tips are based on avoiding some of the most common scams and problems that consumers face when making a vehicle purchase, including failure to pass an inspection and other malfunctions. 

The Key Steps You Need to Take Before Purchasing a Used Vehicle

To help you avoid falling victim to problems with cars that have collectively cost consumers $55 million, key steps you should take when buying a used car include:

  • Researching the car before you buy it: You can use the VIN number to learn about the car's history and make sure the vehicle isn't stolen.
  • Having the car inspected: It's worth the investment to have a trusted mechanic take a look at the car and alert you to any potentially serious issues.
  • Getting financing from a source other than the dealer: You may get a better financing offer through a bank or credit union, and you will also know exactly what you can afford before going car shopping.
  • Selling your old car yourself: Many people trade in their old vehicles because they want to avoid the hassle of selling the car.The problem is, you'll usually get much less for the old car if you trade it into the dealer rather than selling it to a private buyer.
  • Avoiding extended test drives: Some dishonest dealers will tell you that you can take their cars for an overnight test drive. But, if you take them up on this offer and leave the lot, they may try to force you to purchase the vehicle under terms that are disadvantageous to you.
  • Focusing on safety when buying or selling: If you are buying a car from a private person or selling a car to a private party, be sure to avoid going to dangerous locations or being alone with the buyer or seller when trying to complete your transaction.

By following these tips, hopefully you can avoid being victimized by dishonest car sellers. Unfortunately, more than 26,000 complaints about used car problems have been made to the Better Business Bureau in recent years, according to WHNT. 

Knowing these tips can help you to reduce the chances that you'll end up with a car that causes you problems. Unfortunately, many buyers of both new and used vehicles still face serious issues that adversely impact the investment they've made in their vehicle, even when they do everything right. A California lemon law lawyer can help those who have purchased new cars to understand what their options are if things begin to go wrong.

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