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Volkswagen Considers Killing the Golf, Stateside

» Posted May 31, 2019Resources | Share This Post

Remember the Volkswagen Rabbit? The small, affordable vehicle first hit American streets in 1975. Later rebranded the Golf, the car may soon be a relic of the past, at least in the States.

Volkswagen is working on an eighth-generation version of the Golf, but the German automaker is still deciding whether to sell the car stateside. The company told Road & Track that “Golf models are still under consideration for the North American Region.”

The Mk8 Golf is expected to debut in Europe in the fall and go on sale in February 2020. Company officials have said the new vehicle will set the “benchmark in safety and connectivity.” That includes by using smart car technology to connect with other vehicles and traffic signals.

The Golf is Europe’s best-selling car, but its popularity has been on the wane in the United States. Golf sales were down by more than 50 percent in North America last year.

Volkswagen does, however, plan to bring new versions of two similar cars to U.S. markets. The GTI and the Golf R, an upscale, turbocharged version of the hatchback, are on their way to lots in the States.

Specter of Emissions Scandal Lingers

The Golf uncertainty comes amid tough times for Volkswagen in the U.S.

The company is still reeling from a 2015 emissions cheating scandal. The Environmental Protection Agency found that the company rigged software to give false emissions data from various diesel cars.

The company and some former officials were charged with fraud in a cases that ultimately cost VW $25 billion in penalties and other related costs. The Securities and Exchange Commission recently filed a new suit against Volkswagen, alleging that the company misled investors about the situation. Prosecutors say the company issued more than $13 billion in bonds and other asset-backed securities, despite knowing at the time that hundreds of thousands of vehicles exceeded legal limits on emissions.

How the California Lemon Law Protects Car Owners, Lessors

No matter what models VW eventually decides to bring to the U.S., the company’s reputation has certainly taken a hit. It’s hard to trust a carmaker that would mislead so many people about something as important as emissions standards.

The good news is that the California Lemon Law offers some protections to car buyers and lessors, whether they’re driving Volkswagens or other vehicles. The law requires car manufacturers to make certain repairs to vehicles while they’re under warranty. If the car can’t be fixed—or the manufacturer refuses to make the repairs—the carmaker is obligated to pay the owner/lessor back for the purchase price and other related expenses. The carmaker can also offer to replace the vehicle, instead.

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