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Volkswagen Dealing With Yet Another Recall

» Posted December 27, 2016Resources | Share This Post

Volkswagen has been having a run of bad luck lately that has cost the car maker big time. Volkswagen's best known issue in recent months has been the problems with the car company's vehicles being rigged in order to perform better in emissions testing than the cars do on the road. The cars could detect when hooked up to an emissions testing machine and the vehicles performed differently than the cars would on the road under normal use.

This led to an artificially low emissions rating. The problem prompted government action against VW and VW also eventually had to reach a settlement with angry consumers.

Now, NPR reports Volkswagen is once again recalling cars. This time, the issue leading to the recalls is entirely separate from the diesel emissions problems. This time, the problem is with fuel leaks.  

Both Volkswagen and the company's Audi brand are affected by the defect.  Consumers who own VW or Audi vehicles need to be aware of the vehicle problems and follow recall instructions to avoid harm. Unfortunately, VW is not the only car maker having serious issues with vehicles and recalling hundreds of thousands of cars. Every vehicle owner needs to know his rights when there is a recall, and must understand consumer protection rules, including California’s Lemon Law.

Volkswagen Recalling Vehicles for Fuel Leaks

According to NPR, Volkswagen is recalling close to 281,500 vehicles in its new recall. The company sold around 350,000 cars in all of last year, so a recall of this many vehicles is obviously a really big deal. VW has been forced to take action because of serious safety issues with fuel leaks.

Three separate problems actually exist on VW cars, with all of the problems coming back to fuel issues. For example, one of the problems includes improperly assembled suction pumps in fuel tanks. 

While the problems may not initially seem that serious when you hear that the issue relates to a suction pump, it is important to realize that ALL car defects involving fuel leaks are high-risk. While a fuel leak is always bad news, this particular fuel leak is putting Volkswagen owners at risk of fire. While no fires have yet been reported in connection with the fuel leak, NPR issues the obvious warning that the presence of an ignition source near leaking fuel is a recipe for disaster.

VW is notifying affected consumers of the issue with the fuel tanks leaking. Because of the serious risk, motorist should take prompt action in following Volkswagen's instructions for getting a fix that makes the car safer again.

When there is a recall like this, car buyers will generally be notified and can take appropriate action to resolve car problems. Still, sometimes there are defects or issues with a particular vehicle instead of with an entire group of cars. If your auto is the only one having serious problems, you may not have an easy remedy on your hands. A Lemon Law lawyer can help you under these circumstances to find out what options are available to you.

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