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Volkswagen Tells Dealers to Stop Selling Some Taos CUVs

» Posted October 15, 2021Resources | Share This Post

It is safe to say that most new car buyers expect the vehicles’ engines to work after plopping down a big chunk of cash for a new set of wheels.

Volkswagen recently made the relatively uncommon move of telling its dealers to stop selling certain Taos crossover utility vehicles. The move came after owners complained that their cars’ engines were shutting down unexpectedly on the road.

The problem affects Taos models equipped with VW's 4Motion all-wheel drive system,” CNET’s Sean Syzmkowski reports. “Owners reported the vehicle's engine shut off unexpectedly when coming to a stop, which is never a good thing. Right now, VW is researching a repair, so there's no fix available for the alleged defect owners reported.”

This is not the first time that defects in Volkswagen vehicles have put drivers and their passengers at risk.

In April, the company said it was recalling some 150,000 Audi models because their airbags might not work. About four months earlier, Volkswagen announced it was recalling 210,000 Jetta sedans because of a bolt issue that increased the risk of fuel leaks and fires.

Driving a Lemon? Know Your Rights

Volkswagen is not alone: The world’s largest vehicle manufacturers recall millions of cars around the globe each year. These moves often come in response to defects that pose serious safety threats, spotted long after many cars have already hit the road.

Fortunately, many car owners in California do not have to wait for a recall to get their vehicles fixed. The state’s lemon law gives them some powerful rights to force car manufacturers into action.

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requires automakers to perform a variety of repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also obligates manufacturers to replace covered vehicles that they cannot or will not fix. That includes compensating the owner for the purchase price, as well as financing fees and other related costs.

A manufacturer can instead offer to replace the vehicle, but it is up to the owner to accept or reject that alternative arrangement. There is no specific number of repair requests or attempts that must be made before the buyback or replace requirement kicks in.

An experienced California lemon law attorney can help you understand your rights and navigate the process. 

A California Lemon Law Attorney Can Help 

If you have been stuck with a defective or malfunctioning vehicle, a California lemon law attorney at Bickel Sannipoli APC can help you fight back. We are pleased to be able to help people across the state hold car manufacturers accountable.

Our lawyers understand the significant stress and aggravation that can come with haggling with car dealers and manufacturers. That is why we work aggressively to resolve these cases for the people that we represent.

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Posted By: Rick Mills