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Volvo Reaches New Heights for Vehicle Safety

» Posted June 18, 2021Resources | Share This Post

Volvo has set a new standard for safety in its vehicles. 

The Swedish luxury carmaker is the first auto manufacturer to receive the highest marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety across its entire model lineup. Volvo reached that status after the non-profit organization named the 2021 XC40 Recharge a “Top Safety Pick Plus.”

“Regardless of body style, engine or trim, every Volvo offers innovative protection in a crash.” Anders Gustafsson, President and CEO of Volvo Car USA, said in a statement announcing the test results. “We are proud that IIHS has recognized this by awarding a Top Safety Pick Plus to every vehicle we produce today.”

Volvo has been long known for going to great lengths to test the safety of its vehicles, including by dropping cars from a 100-foot crane. The company has also developed a 3-D simulator to test the safety and autonomous driving features.

The XC40 Recharge is an electric sport utility vehicle that Volvo expects to help the company give Tesla a run for its money in the high-end plug-in market. It comes loaded with a 402-horsepower engine and a Google cloud-based operating system.

Recalls, Safety Risks, Owners’ Rights in California

The Volvo story has not been all sugarplums and fairytales when it comes to vehicle safety. Like the world’s other major auto manufacturers, the company has in recent years had to recall a number of cars because of serious defects that put people on the road at risk.

The company launched two major recalls in the same month in 2019, for example. First, Volvo called back some 167,000 cars to fix a problem with their electronic trunks. A mere 11 days later, the company said it was recalling another 200,000 diesel vehicles over possible fuel line cracks.

One problem is that these kinds of recalls often come long after cars have left factory floors, been sold by dealers and have hit the road. Owners and drivers are typically unaware of the defects and the serious hazards that they pose.

The good news for car owners in California is that you have some important rights and protections under the state’s lemon law. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requires car manufacturers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty and to replace or buy back cars that the company cannot or will not fix.

How a San Diego Lemon Law Attorney Can Help You

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