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Volvo Wants Another Look at Polestars for Engine Trouble

» Posted November 4, 2020Resources | Share This Post

Volvo is recalling its entire fleet of Polestar 2 vehicles because of a defect that poses serious safety hazards for drivers and others on the road, the company and an affiliate recently said.

A defect could cause cars to unexpectedly lose power and stop driving, Volvo recently told European regulators. That is more than 4,600 all-electric vehicles, according to Reuters.

“The recall involves the replacement of faulty inverters on most delivered customer vehicles,” the company said in a statement.

The call back does not affect vehicles sold in the U.S., because those cars had not yet been shipped. Still, it marks a significant setback for Sweden-based automaker Geely, which is affiliated with Volvo.

The defect also comes with very real safety implications. Although at least three vehicles have unexpectedly lost power as a result, Volvo and Geely said they were so far not aware of any accidents caused as a result of the malfunction.

How the California Lemon Law Protects Car Owners

The Polestar recall is yet another in a countless string of situations in which car manufacturers have alerted owners of serious defects affecting vehicles long after they leave the factory floor. 

Last year, for example, Volvo announced it was recalling some 370,000 cars because of a pair of defects. About one-third of the cars had malfunctioning trunks that could open unexpectedly. The remaining two-thirds of the recalled vehicles had fuel line cracks that could cause gas leaks, the company said at the time.

Fortunately, car owners in California have some valuable rights and protections under the state’s lemon law

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requires carmakers to perform certain repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. The law also forces manufacturers to buy back or replace vehicles that the company is unwilling or unable to repair.  

There is no set number of repair attempts or requests that must be made before the buyback or replace requirement kicks in. Also, owners have the right to reject a replacement and demand a buyback. 

An experienced California lemon law lawyer can help you navigate the process of enforcing your rights. The lemon law requires a car manufacturer to pick up the tab for legal fees that you incur while enforcing your rights.

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