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Weak Tires: The Results Can Be Deadly

» Posted November 23, 2016Resources | Share This Post

A Los Angeles lemon law attorney can provide help to people who have cars that have defects, including those whose vehicles could prove to be dangerous because of the car problems. There are lots of different kinds of problems that could affect vehicles. Some of the most dangerous issues that exist on cars involve tires that fail to function properly. 

Problems with tires can result in a driver losing control of a vehicle. Unfortunately, a serious or deadly auto accident is a likely result of tire issues. Fox Business, for example, just recently published a comprehensive report explaining how weak tires are able to cause dangerous auto accidents to occur.

How Weak Tires Can Cause Dangerous Car Accidents

Tire problems are extremely common on vehicles throughout the United States. As the recent Fox Business report indicates, just nine percent of vehicles in the United States that travel on the road currently have tires that are inflated to the appropriate level. By contrast, around 18 percent of cars on the roads in the United States have at least one tire that is under inflated.

The problem, ironically, is that tire quality has improved a lot. As a result, most car owners don't think very much about tire maintenance and yet they keep their tires for a long time. The tires can thus become under or over inflated, leading to problems.

One big issue is blowouts. Blowouts are extremely common with under inflated tires. When a blowout happens, the driver of the car can suddenly and rapidly become unable to control the vehicle. There are significant chances a dangerous accident will happen due to the blowout.

There is currently a campaign underway to try to bring attention to the tire problems that are creating accident risks. The Rubber Manufacturers Association has partnered with safety organizations and administrative agencies at the state level in order to make certain that consumers are getting adequate and accurate information about tires. 

The goal is for states to include tire safety education in driving manuals. Currently, 32 states have already committed to incorporating information on tire maintenance into their driving manuals.  More states are considering changes as well.

Tire maintenance is just one possible issue, though. There are also situations where defective tires have been sold and accidents have happened as a result.  It is the responsibility of car and tire manufacturers to try to make sure that this does not happen by taking care to release tires only once it is certain that they are fit for their intended use on the roads.

If you have serious problems with a new car you have purchased, including repeated issues with vehicle components like tires, you may have legal rights. A lemon law attorney in Los Angeles can provide you with guidance on what your options are and what legal remedies you can explore. Contact The Bickel Law Firm for advice as soon as you can, as you do not want to allow vehicle issues to persist and put you at risk.

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