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Car Safety Ratings: How Are They Actually Determined?

» Posted July 30, 2018Resources

Buying a safe and reliable car is essential, because a car with problems can cost you time and money and put your safety at risk. If your vehicle turns out to be unreliable, a California lemon law attorney can provide you with help in pursuing remedies and taking any appropriate legal action.

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NHTSA Digs Deeper Into VW Tiguan Seatbelt Failures

» Posted July 27, 2018Resources

Vehicle manufacturers are expected to test vehicles for problems before releasing the cars and to fix issues that could impact passenger safety. Unfortunately, car makers don't always take the right steps to ensure that every car they release will actually operate as it should and keep occupants safe.  When a car turns out to have serious problems, a California lemon law lawyer should be consulted by the buyer to find out about available legal remedies.

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Car Safety Improvements: A Look at How Things Have Changed Over the Years

» Posted July 25, 2018Resources

Cars today are safer than they were in the past. This does not mean that individual vehicles can't have problems. In fact, cars are routinely released with serious defects and their owners end up having to pursue claims with the help of California lemon law attorneys in order to obtain appropriate legal remedies.

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A New Era in Car Repairs Could Usher in Substantial Changes in the Future

» Posted July 23, 2018Resources

Car repairs can be a major hassle for consumers. That's why there are laws in place to protect buyers whose vehicles turn out to be defective. A California lemon law attorney can offer to help car owners who need to take advantage of consumer protection laws due to repeated problems with their cars.

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Pedestrian Fatalities: More SUV-Related Accidents Are Killing Pedestrians

» Posted July 20, 2018Resources

There has been an increase in recent years in auto accident fatalities. Ever accident is a tragedy, and it is especially troubling to safety experts that there has been a big increase of car accident deaths recently even after decades of decline in the total number of people killed in collisions from year-to-year.

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