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Toyota is Developing New ‘Guardian’ Safety System

» Posted December 28, 2018Resources

Technology is all the rage in the auto industry these days. Whether its devices that let you unlock a car and start it using your fingerprint, communications networks that may soon be able to send information in advance of a crash, or new airbags that will deploy on the outside of a vehicle, manufacturers are looking at all kinds of ways to make driving an easier and safer experience.

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‘Potentially Lethal’ Seatbelts Spark VW Recall

» Posted December 24, 2018Resources

Car makers often recall vehicles for a wide variety of defects, from faulty ignition switches, to brake problems and transmission trouble. Sometimes, cars are even recalled because of problems with the features that are specifically designed to make driving safer.

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Driverless Car Bill Speeding Through Congress?

» Posted December 5, 2018Resources

The New Year means a fresh session of Congress in Washington D.C. and another opportunity for lawmakers to move legislation that could fast track driverless cars. That’s likely to also bring another round of debate over safety concerns about putting autonomous vehicles on the road, even when a human is in the driver’s seat.

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Tesla Drivers May See Big Changes in Autopilot

» Posted December 3, 2018Resources

Tesla drivers could get an autopilot upgrade by the Spring. The company’s outspoken chief executive officer also says technology is on the way that will eventually allow owners to let the car do the driving.

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VW Shells Out the Big Bucks on Car Technology

» Posted November 30, 2018Resources

Volkswagen plans to spend $50 billion in the next five years to develop a range of technology, in a push to develop its fleet of self-driving vehicles and electronic cars.

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