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Rolls-Royce Goes “Post-Opulent” with New Ghost

» Posted October 16, 2020Resources

The ultraluxury car manufacturers over at Rolls-Royce are taking their quality over flash to a new level with the rollout of the 2021 Ghost.

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Ford Recalls 600,000 Vehicles Due to Faulty Cameras

» Posted October 2, 2020Resources

Ford Motor Co. is issuing yet another car recall, this time because of trouble with vehicles’ rearview cameras.

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Lucid Says its New Electric Car Can Outlast Tesla on Single Charge

» Posted September 30, 2020Resources

Luxury electric car manufacturer Lucid is set to give Tesla a run for its money with a new set of wheels the company says will be an industry leader in miles per charge.

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Cars Offer Important Solace in Pandemic: Alone Time

» Posted September 28, 2020Resources

In an unprecedented time in which the coronavirus pandemic has swept a health care and economic crisis across the globe, American car owners are turning to their vehicles for solace. And to get away from the people that they live with.

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Daimler’s Bill for Emissions Cheating in U.S.: $2.2 Billion

» Posted September 25, 2020Resources

If a major car manufacturer is willing to cheat emissions tests and lie to regulators, what does that say about how the company treats the people who drive its cars?

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