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Ford, General Motors Customers’ Satisfaction Waning

» Posted September 23, 2020Resources

The results are in and they are not so good if you are Ford or General Motors. The companies’ customer satisfaction rates have steadily declined over the last five years, according to a new study from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Customer satisfaction for Ford drivers fell by 5 percent over that time period, while GM’s satisfaction rate dropped by 4 percent.

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This Car Smells: Hyundai Palisade Owners Complain of Odor

» Posted September 21, 2020Resources

Car owners, unfortunately, are often faced with a wide variety of defects. From malfunctioning headlights to stalling issues, these problems can pose a serious safety hazard. Recently, a group of Hyundai owners noticed a different type of issue with their cars: an offensive odor.

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Honda to Fork Over $85 Million in Takata Airbag Settlement

» Posted September 18, 2020Resources

Honda has agreed to pay some $85 million to states across the country in an effort to close another chapter in the long-running saga over fatally defective Takata airbags.

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Ford Explorers, Aviators Recalled Over Front Seat Torque Issue

» Posted September 16, 2020Resources

Ford is recalling a limited number of Explorers and Aviators over a seat torque problem that the company says could prevent side airbags from working properly.

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Ford Recalls 500,000 Vehicles, Citing Brake Problem

» Posted September 14, 2020Resources

When you get behind the wheel - or in a passenger seat - of a motor vehicle, you want to be pretty confident that the brakes are working.   

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