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Fiat Chrysler Recalls Dodge Rams Over Possible Gas Pedal Problem

» Posted September 4, 2020Resources | Share This Post

Adjustable pedals are a great way to ensure that people of all heights can effectively drive their vehicles. As long as the pedals actually work.

Fiat Chrysler is recalling more than 160,000 Dodge Ram pickups because of a potential snafu with the vehicles’ adjustable pedals. The problem: The trucks’ pedals may run into “interference” with floor mats, according to the company. 

“The accelerator pedal may, in certain circumstances, interfere with the raised feature on an all-weather floor mat, possibly inhibiting the accelerator pedal from promptly repositioning to a lesser depressed position after the driver releases pressure on the accelerator pedal,” the company said in a notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “If the accelerator pedal interferes with the mat, the vehicle may not decelerate as expected when the driver releases the accelerator pedal, which can cause a vehicle crash without prior warning.”

The recall covers certain 2019 and 2020 Dodge Ram 1500s built between November 2017 and February 2020. 

Fiat Chrysler says only about 1 percent of the vehicles being recalled are actually defective. The company also said that a driver faced with the issue on the road should continue to hit the brakes to bring the vehicle to a stop safely.

Safety Threats, Legal Rights

This is not the Fiat Chrysler’s first recall.

In 2018, Fiat Chrysler called back 4.8 million Dodge Rams and other vehicles because of a cruise control issue. The company said at the time that a defect could prevent drivers from turning off cruise control, increasing the risk of a crash.

Fiat Chrysler is not alone. Some 30 million cars are recalled across the U.S. every year. These vehicles are often called back because of serious defects that can put everyone on the road at risk.

California car owners, fortunately, have some important protections under the state’s lemon law. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requires carmakers to do certain repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also forces a manufacturer to buy back (or, in some cases replace) cars the company is unwilling or unable to fix.

There is no specific number of repair requests or attempts that must be made before the buyback obligation kicks in. A seasoned California lemon law lawyer can help you understand your rights and weigh your options.

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