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Mercedes-Benz: These Cars are Fire Risks, But We Cannot Fix Them

» Posted February 18, 2022Resources | Share This Post

Some Mercedes-Benz drivers recently got a double dose of bad news from the luxury car manufacturer: Their vehicles have a serious defect that could cause car fires and the company is not currently able to fix the problem.

The fire risk stems from possible leakage in the coolant pump that could heat up components, CNN reports. Daimler Mercedes-Benz’s announcement was first reported by the Bild newspaper, which published a copy of a letter that the company reportedly sent to roughly 800,000 car owners.

Daimler said in the letter that it will not recall the cars because it does not have the parts needed to repair them. Nor does the company know if or when it will have access to those parts.

That puts car owners in a difficult position.

“In the meantime the affected vehicle should be driven in a particularly prudent manner and usage reduced to the bare minimum,” Daimler said in the letter to car owners.

The defect impacts certain GLE/GLS (167 platform), C-Class (205 platform), E-Class (213 platform), S-Class (222 platform), S-Class (223 platform), E-Class Coupe/Convertible (238 platform), GLC (253 platform), CLS (257 platform) and G-Class (463 platform) vehicles, Daimler said.

Is Your Mercedes-Benz a Lemon? Know Your Rights

Sadly, this is not out of character for Mercedes-Benz. Recalls over serious safety issues are unfortunately common for the luxury carmaker and other major manufacturers around the globe.

Mercedes-Benz announced last summer that it would recall some 350,000 cars because of a software problem that could cause backup camera screens to go blank, increasing the risk of an accident. The announcement followed three months after the company recalled approximately 1.3 million vehicles over faulty emergency alert systems.

The good news for Mercedes-Benz and other car owners in California is that you have some important rights and protections. 

The California lemon law forces carmakers to perform a wide range of repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. 

The law also requires the companies to buy back cars that the companies are unable to or simply refuse to fix. That includes covering the car’s purchase price and reimbursing the owner for financing costs and other expenses.

In some cases, a manufacturer can instead offer to replace the vehicle. It is up to the owner, however, to decide whether to accept or reject this alternative arrangement.

A seasoned California lemon law attorney can help you explore your rights and options and hold your car’s manufacturer accountable. The law obligates the companies to pick up the tab for any legal fees that car owners incur while enforcing their rights.

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If you have been stuck with a defective or malfunctioning vehicle, a California lemon law attorney at Bickel Sannipoli APC can help you fight back.  

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