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Are Drivers Too Comfortable in Smart Cars?

» Posted September 10, 2019Resources

Smart technology of all types is rapidly changing the world, including the way that people travel in their cars. Whether it is lane assist technology that can help drivers keep on the straight and narrow or new advances designed to monitor motorists for drowsiness, much of the smart new bells and whistles are meant to make people safer behind the wheel.

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Ready or Not, Here Come the Self-Parking Cars

» Posted August 30, 2019Resources

Long haul trucks have been leading the way on the road to self-driving because navigating long stretches of highway turns out to be easier to teach machines to do than dealing with local traffic. Still, autonomous continues to improve in leaps and bounds, as a recent collaboration between German companies Bosch and Daimler shows.

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General Motors’ Self-Driving Taxis Delayed

» Posted August 28, 2019Resources

General Motors’ big plan for putting autonomous taxi cabs on the street is going to take a little longer than initially envisioned.

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New Mercedes Race Car Takes Financial Sting Out of Crashes

» Posted August 23, 2019Resources

Car accidents may be relatively common occurrences, but they can cause serious and even life-threatening injuries. That is not to mention how expensive it can be for anyone involved in even a seemingly minor fender bender.

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Ford, Volkswagen Pair Up on Electric and Self-Driving Vehicles

» Posted August 21, 2019Resources

The auto industry is a cut throat business, so you don’t often see carmakers going outside of the family to team up with other brands on research and development. That’s why a new partnership between Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen on electric and self-driving vehicles is getting so much attention.

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