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Volkswagen Tells Dealers to Stop Selling Some Taos CUVs

» Posted October 15, 2021Resources

It is safe to say that most new car buyers expect the vehicles’ engines to work after plopping down a big chunk of cash for a new set of wheels. Volkswagen recently made the relatively uncommon move of telling its dealers to stop selling certain Taos crossover utility vehicles. The move came after owners complained that their cars’ engines were shutting down unexpectedly on the road.

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How the Semiconductor Shortage is Slowing GM’s New Car Production

» Posted October 13, 2021Resources

The ongoing semiconductor shortage has put a damper on what major automakers were hoping to be a gigantic rebound from plummeting sales during the height of the pandemic. A recent report from the Detroit Free Press highlights just how much of a hitch the situation is creating for carmakers’ production cycles.

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Ford Said to Bypass Dealers for Sales of New Hybrid Maverick

» Posted October 11, 2021Resources

Ford is looking to cut out the middleman when it comes to selling new hybrid Maverick trucks--sort of--in a move that is likely to make Ford dealers less than happy. The company is expected to sell the closely watched new pickups by direct order only. Their online ordering platform is likely to see plenty of traffic: the Maverick is said to get 40 miles per gallon and come with a starting price tag under $20,000.

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Tesla Model S Fire in California Garage Under Investigation

» Posted October 8, 2021Resources

Add Tesla to the growing list of electric carmakers who may have a fire issue on their hands. A local fire inspector says a Tesla Model S thermal charging system may be to blame for a blaze in a home garage in San Ramon. It’s one of at least five fires tied to older versions of the popular Tesla that the Washington Post recently detailed in a report on vehicles unexpectedly bursting into flames.

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Biden Plots Course for Electric Vehicle Future in the U.S.

» Posted October 6, 2021Resources

The Biden administration has big plans to pull the plug on gas-powered cars across the U.S., following the lead of California and other states. President Biden recently said half of all new cars sold in the country should be emissions-free by 2030, Auto News reports. The goal is not legally binding but is being wielded as a way to put pressure on carmakers to step up their transition to electric vehicles.

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