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Flying Lamborghini Engine Covers Prompt a Recall

» Posted March 24, 2021Resources

This probably is not what sports car enthusiasts mean when they say their vehicles can “fly.” Lamborghini is recalling more than 220 Aventador SVJ coupes, Car Scoops reports.

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Small Jeep From Peugeot is Headed to the U.S.

» Posted March 22, 2021Resources

A “Baby Jeep” is headed to the U.S. The first Jeep model built on a PSA Group platform following the company’s merger with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will start production in July 2022, Automotive News reports. The small sport utility vehicle, which will be built with PSA engines, will be followed by a sized-down Alfa Romeo crossover and a tiny Fiat, according to the news outlet.

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Volvo Plans to Go Electric-Only by 2030

» Posted March 19, 2021Resources

Volvo is joining the growing list of global auto manufacturers that are getting serious about pulling the plug on gas cars.

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More Than 100,000 Cars May be Riding on Faulty Tires

» Posted March 17, 2021Resources

If you are reading this, you might want to check your tires. Nearly 450,000 tires under a variety of brands were recently recalled because of defects that could cause them to fall apart, BGR reports. That puts some 110,000 cars at risk and poses a safety hazard for everyone else on the road with them.

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Mercedes Recalls 1.3 Million Cars Over Emergency Call Glitch

» Posted March 15, 2021Resources

More and more new cars come with the option of emergency call technology that will alert authorities in event of a crash or crisis. It helps if the tools can give them your actual location.

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