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New Car Prices Going Up, For Now

» Posted July 9, 2021Resources

As Covid-19 infection rates continue to fall and vaccinations are on the rise, many people who have been stuck at home for much of the last year are ready to hit the road. There is some bad news, however, if they want to do it driving a new set of wheels.

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Are Minor Car Repairs Really Worth the Cost?

» Posted July 7, 2021Resources

Getting a car repaired can be a big hassle. There is the time it takes to make an appointment and take your vehicle to a mechanic, as well as the cost of repairs and the aggravation that comes with being without your car while it is being fixed.

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8 Myths About Cars

» Posted July 5, 2021Resources

Cars (and driving) are a passion for many people. For others, they are an important part of everyday life that helps them get to work and around town.

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FAQs About Car Recalls

» Posted June 30, 2021Resources

Car recalls are unfortunately common in California and across the country. When recalls are announced, however, it is not always clear what the problem is and which specific cars are being called back. It is important that people whose cars are defective get accurate information and understand what they can do to get the vehicle fixed.  

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Toyota Chief Skeptical of Gas Car Bans

» Posted June 28, 2021Resources

Some governments around the world are making a big push to electrify the cars of the future, including by planning to ban new gas-powered cars in the coming decades. It turns out that not everyone is a fan of those moves.

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