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Rare Bugatti Recall Covers One Car with $3 Million Price Tag

» Posted June 8, 2022Resources

Bugatti recently issued a car recall covering a single vehicle, a rarity among auto manufacturers and for the French luxury carmaker. The company is recalling a single Chiron sports car because of a loose screw, Bugatti recently told federal regulators. The recall covers a 2018 Chiron, which comes with a price tag of roughly $3 million.

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Ford Slows Production Over Parts Shortage

» Posted June 6, 2022Resources

Supply chain issues are continuing to hamper major auto manufacturers and are keeping prices high for car buyers. Ford Motor Co.recently idled plants in Michigan and Missouri, citing supply chain constraints. The factories produce Mustangs and Transit cargo vans, according to the Detroit News.

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Toyota Stability Control Problem Prompts 460K-Car Recall

» Posted June 3, 2022Resources

Toyota Motor Corporation is calling back nearly half a million cars because of a defect that puts everyone on the road with the vehicles at an increased risk of an accident.

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GM Looks to Ramp Up Car Production

» Posted May 31, 2022Resources

General Motors has big plans for 2022, even as the Covid pandemic, supply chain issues and economic uncertainty lingers. The company will build 25% to 30% more vehicles this year than it did in 2021, according to Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra. The auto manufacturer shared the news in a call with analysts, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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Bentley Calls Back 2,000 Bentayga SUVs

» Posted May 30, 2022Resources

Bentley owners pay a lot of money for their vehicles. It is safe to say that they expect the cars to work properly. The luxury auto manufacturer is recalling certain Bentayga sport utility vehicles, it recently told federal regulators. Improperly installed second-row passenger seats are to blame, according to Bentley.

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