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Flying Steering Wheel Badges Spark Fiat Chrysler Recall

» Posted August 17, 2020Resources

Car steering wheels tend to work best when pieces of them are not flying off and striking drivers and passengers. That is why Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling more than 900,000 vehicles.

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Congress May Block Feds From Reselling Recalled Cars

» Posted August 14, 2020Resources

Less than one year after one of the country’s largest car dealers was busted for reselling recalled cars, lawmakers in Congress want to stop Uncle Sam from following the same practice.

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Toyota Calls Back Tundras Over Turn Signal Snafu

» Posted August 12, 2020Resources

Turn signals serve an important purpose by giving others on the road a heads up about where you are headed. If anyone can see them, that is.

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BMW Makes Car Features Subscription Based

» Posted August 10, 2020Resources

As car sales slump, auto manufacturers are looking for new ways to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of owners after they buy a new vehicle. For BMW, that means coaxing drivers into signing up for in-car bells and whistles.

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Tesla to Unveil New Autopilot in Coming Months

» Posted July 31, 2020Resources

Tesla is not giving up on its “autopilot” function, despite some notable accidents involving drivers relying on the assist technology.

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