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These Car Windows are Tough to Break in an Emergency

» Posted August 16, 2019Resources

Sturdy car windows are an important feature that help protect people inside the vehicle and prevent thieves from getting in when no one is around. The problem, however, is that some widows are so strong that they are difficult to break when people need to, like in an emergency.

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BMW to Charge Drivers for iPhone Connection

» Posted August 14, 2019Resources

Want to connect your phone to your car? If you are a BMW driver, it is going to cost you. The German automaker recently announced that it will start charging BMWers $80 a year for access to CarPlay, the Apple system that allows drivers to use their phones safely from behind the wheel. The feature is available on new cars that come with navigation technology.

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Subaru Recalls 2019 Legacy and Outbacks

» Posted August 9, 2019Resources

Subaru has another weld problem. This time the Japanese automaker wants to take another look at some 2,000 vehicles because of “improperly applied spot welds.”

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Volvo Recalls Cars Over Engine Concerns

» Posted August 7, 2019Resources

Melting engines are generally a bad thing. So perhaps it is no surprise that Swedish carmaker Volvo has decided to recall some 500,000 vehicles because of concerns that the vehicles’ engines could succumb to heat and even catch fire.

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Tesla Has Designs for an Underwater Car

» Posted July 31, 2019Resources

Elon Musk has never been shy about dreaming big, whether that means putting people in outer space, shaving several hours off of long train trips or offering to rescue a soccer team stuck in a cave in Thailand. So it was probably not a huge surprise when the Tesla Chief recently announced that he’s been tinkering with the idea of an underwater car.

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