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Volkswagen Considers Killing the Golf, Stateside

» Posted May 31, 2019Resources

Remember the Volkswagen Rabbit? The small, affordable vehicle first hit American streets in 1975. Later rebranded the Golf, the car may soon be a relic of the past, at least in the States.

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Tesla Breaks New Ground With Model S

» Posted May 29, 2019Resources

Electric cars are often gauged based on how long they can go on a single charge. Tesla is once again setting the standard on that score with the Model S.

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Fiat Ups Tech Game With Google, Samsung Deals

» Posted May 27, 2019Resources

A technological arms race is heating up in the automobile industry, as carmakers look to automation and connectivity to make getting from Point A to Point B a safer and more enjoyable experience. Fiat Chrysler’s new partnership with Google and Samsung is a prime example.

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General Motors Recalls Sierras, Silverados

» Posted May 24, 2019Resources

You don’t need to be an auto mechanic to understand that it’s a bad thing when your car catches on fire.

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Subaru Recalls Hit Company in Wallet

» Posted May 22, 2019Resources

When carmakers allow defective vehicles to leave the plant, they put a lot of people at risk. That includes not only anyone who drives or rides in the car, but also anyone in the vicinity anytime the vehicle hits the road.

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