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Ford Faces Investigation Over Rearview Camera Recall

» Posted October 4, 2021Resources

Ford is facing new scrutiny over a recent recall of more than half a million vehicles with faulty rearview cameras. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into whether Ford slowplayed a decision to recall some 620,000 vehicles. Regulators are also mulling whether the recall should have included more cars.  

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Subaru Says Some 165,000 Vehicles Have Faulty Fuel Pumps

» Posted September 29, 2021Resources

Subaru is calling back some 165,000 that the company says are at increased risk of a crash, it recently told federal regulators. The automaker needs to replace faulty fuel pumps that could crack and fail, Subaru said in a notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The defect could cause recalled cars to unexpectedly stall, the company said.

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BMW Recalls 50,000 Vehicles Over Brake Assist Snafu

» Posted September 27, 2021Resources

BMW wants another look at some 50,000 cars from across the German auto manufacturer’s portfolio of vehicles. The company recently told U.S. regulators that it is recalling the cars over safety concerns. A software glitch could cause the cars’ brake assist systems to malfunction, according to BMW.

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Chevy Bolt Recall Said to Cost GM $800 Million

» Posted September 24, 2021Resources

A big batch of defective batteries for electric vehicles is proving to be quite expensive for General Motors. The company is likely to spend some $800 million to recall roughly 70,000 Chevy Bolts, CNN reports. That shakes out to about $11,650 per vehicle to fix or replace the battery.

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Nissan Cuts Price Tag on New Leaf EVs

» Posted September 22, 2021Resources

Looking for an electric vehicle? Nissan is making a couple of moves to steer you toward a new Leaf. The Japanese automaker is slashing the price of its electric sedan and adding new features on the 2022 version, according to a report from Autoweek. The move is said to be a reflection of the increasingly competitive EV market as more plug-in vehicles hit the road.

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