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Car Recalls Are at an All-Time High

» Posted December 8, 2017Resources

San Diego lemon law attorneys can provide legal representation in circumstances where there are problems with vehicles that you have purchased. Unfortunately, there are more problems with cars than ever before. 

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More Recalls: BMW Recalls a Million Cars Due to Electrical Fires

» Posted December 6, 2017Resources

If you have bought a new car and are having problems with the vehicle, you should contact a San Diego lemon law attorney.  You may have legal options to pursue a remedy so you do not face financial loss due to the purchase of a vehicle with defects.

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Auto Dealers Inflate Prices With Add-Ons

» Posted December 4, 2017Resources

The California car lemon law aims to provide protection to buyers of new vehicles.  While there are consumer protection laws in place that address various issues related to car purchases and car operations, unfortunately buyers are still largely at the mercy of car dealers who are not always honest and who often do not have the best interest of consumers at heart.

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Sound Recognition Could Help With Auto Repairs

» Posted November 24, 2017Resources

An Orange County lemon law attorney can provide you with help if your car has repeated problems and you want to explore your options for finding a remedy.  It can be very frustrating when your vehicle has problems, especially if the car is a newer one and especially if you do not know how to diagnose what is wrong so you can get repairs made.

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Detroit's Auto Brands Climb in Quality Rankings

» Posted November 22, 2017Resources

Car problems are an issue for many different makes and models of vehicles, and the California lemon law is an important law protecting consumers who buy cars that turn out to have serious reliability issues.  Although consumers have rights when cars have problems, often getting issues fixed can be time consuming and stressful. As a result, motorists typically do research into vehicle features and car reliability rankings when they make the decision about what car they want to buy.

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