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What Car Insurers Won't Tell You After a Car Accident

» Posted November 17, 2017Resources

Vehicles are a big investment for many consumers, but unfortunately many drivers aren't sure of how to protect their rights under the lemon laws of California, don't understand other consumer protection laws applicable to vehicles, and don't know what to do after auto accidents happen.

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Tesla's Huge Repair Costs Are Causing Problems for Consumers

» Posted November 15, 2017Resources

Car repairs are often expensive. For owners of new vehicles whose cars need repeated repairs, the Sacramento lemon law may provide some protection from financial loss.

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Technology That Helps to Identify Potential Car Breakdowns

» Posted November 10, 2017Resources

Car breakdowns can be very frustrating for vehicle owners, especially if the vehicle that has broken down is a new one. The California lemon law provides some protection for new vehicle buyers whose cars break down repeatedly. Unfortunately, even if consumers have legal rights and have remedies available to them when their cars have problems, dealing with repeated breakdowns can still be a major hassle.  

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Seatbelt Issues Lead to Another Santa Fe Sports Vehicle Recall

» Posted November 8, 2017Resources

When cars have repeated problems, it can be very frustrating for the vehicle owners. A Los Angeles lemon law attorney should be consulted by car owners who are facing continual problems with their vehicles. These car owners may have legal rights.

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Scam Alert: Don't Fall for the Patriot Act Credit Check Scam

» Posted October 27, 2017Resources

Many different problems can arise during the car buying process and after you bring your vehicle home. If you have issues with a car that you have purchased, California's lemon laws can sometimes protect you.

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