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Mercedes Benz Recalls Cars over Airbag Lights

» Posted November 12, 2018Resources

Mercedes-Benz owners may have a problem: some passenger airbag lights show that the safety device is on when it actually hasn’t been activated.

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Cars of the Near Future May Include External Airbags

» Posted November 9, 2018Resources

It seems like every time a new batch of cars rolls off the assembly line each year, the vehicles come with a fresh set of bells and whistles. That includes various enhancements meant to make people inside the car safer, like the external air bags that some manufacturers are currently tinkering with.

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Kia Recall Backfires

» Posted November 7, 2018Resources

Vehicle safety recalls are designed to makes cars less dangerous by inspecting them for possible hazards and fixing defects. But sometimes the cure might be worse than the disease.

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Car Buyers Beware: Keep an Eye Out for Odometer Fraud

» Posted November 5, 2018Resources

Federal authorities are warning car buyers to be aware of scammers trying to sell vehicles with more mileage than their odometers show. It’s one of many types of shady tactics that some car sellers use to try to dupe people into purchasing potentially defective vehicles.

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Five Steps to Help You Buy the Right Automobile

» Posted September 24, 2018Resources

If you need to start the process of shopping for a new vehicle, you're probably getting worried about whether you'll be able to get a good deal in the end. Finding the right car, making sure it is priced fairly, and making sure it is reliable can be really difficult. And, unfortunately, no matter how much research you do, there's always a chance that things will go wrong and the car you thought was perfect will turn out to have serious problems.  In these situations, a California motor vehicle lemon law attorney can provide you with help pursuing legal remedies.

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