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Nikola Says Electric Pickup Gets 600 Miles per Charge

» Posted March 20, 2020Resources

There is a new player in the electric pickup space, and this one is not wasting any time touting its performance.

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Mercedes Roof Problem Poses Safety Hazards

» Posted March 18, 2020Resources

Sunroofs may be considered a luxury feature for plenty of car drivers, but they can quickly become a serious safety hazard when manufactured or designed incorrectly.

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Hummer Plots Comeback with Electric Pickup

» Posted March 13, 2020Resources

Nothing quite explains what life on the road was like in the early aughts like the Hummer experience. More than a decade after the gas-guzzling behemoths went the way of the dinosaur, the brand is back in electric form.

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General Motors Expands Hands-Free Offerings

» Posted March 11, 2020Resources

As autonomous driving gets closer and closer to reality, carmakers are continuing to roll out all kinds of technological bells and whistles designed to already let machines do some of the driving.  

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Jeep Wranglers Recalled for Axle Problem

» Posted March 6, 2020Resources

A new recall involving Jeep Wrangler vehicles is a reminder that even seemingly minor defects can create serious safety hazards.

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