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Consumers Beware: Never Buy a Car Sight Unseen

» Posted December 23, 2016Resources

Buying a car is a process filled with potential problems. You could end up with a brand new vehicle with serious defects and be forced to pursue remedies under the California Lemon Law.  You could also find that you have a car that costs you a lot of money or one that is not exactly what you expected it to be.

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Shopping for Automobiles: The Process is Changing

» Posted December 21, 2016Resources

Car buyers right now have a tough time getting treated fairly. Most people go to a dealer or buy through third parties, but the dealer or private seller in these transaction is not always upfront or honest. A myriad of consumer protection laws like the California lemon law exist to try to protect consumers from problems with cars, but consumers still face an uphill battle when it comes to getting a fair deal in the car buying process.

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The Secrets of Used Car Dealers

» Posted December 19, 2016Resources

The Lemon Law and other consumer protection laws provide certain remedies for buyers if problems arise with vehicles. Unfortunately, even with consumer protection laws in place, it can be hard for car buyers to make informed decisions and get a fair bargain. It can seem as though virtually the entire car-buying process is set up to make consumers fail in making smart decisions about the purchase, since the buying process is fraught with potential pitfalls.

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Investigating Car Dealer Fraud

» Posted December 16, 2016Resources

Laws like the Lemon Law are essential to protect car buyers, as the car purchasing process is filled with serious problems that could cause substantial financial losses for consumers. It seems like every day, there are new reports of vehicle defects, car recalls, and problem car dealers. Just recently, for example, WSAU reported on large-scale fraud perpetrated by two car dealers which potentially cost consumers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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The Games Car Dealers Play

» Posted December 14, 2016Resources

Car dealers want consumers to buy vehicles, even if the purchase is not a good one for consumers. Anyone shopping for a car needs to understand the legal protections available to them, like the protections under the California lemon law. Car buyers should also be aware of some of the ways that dealers try to con them into agreeing to bad deals or buying bad vehicles.

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