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The Lack of Trust Between Car Buyers and Dealers

» Posted December 12, 2016Resources

Shopping for a car is not a fun endeavor. One big reason why so many people dislike buying a car is that consumers just do not trust the dealers who are selling them the vehicles.  Car dealers have a very bad reputation, which is often deserved because there are many unscrupulous dealers who are just in business for the money and to scam customers.

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A Look at Buy Here/Pay Here Dealerships

» Posted December 2, 2016Resources

We all know that car dealerships should be honest and dealers should help consumers find vehicles that work for them and their families. Unfortunately, this is often not what happens. Car dealers can use unethical tactics and may hide information from consumers. Car manufacturers can also end up making and selling cars that aren't what consumers expect or deserve for their hard-earned money. There are consumer protection laws that help car buyers under certain circumstances and a Sacramento lemon law firm can help consumers determine if they have legal remedies when problems arise.

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Avoid Issues Where Possible: How to Purchase the Vehicle You Love

» Posted November 30, 2016Resources

Buying a car is a big deal. But when you make a vehicle purchase, you could find yourself with a problem car. Repeated issues with your new vehicle could force you to seek a remedy under California’s lemon law. You could also end up with a car you are unhappy with for a variety of reasons, from bad gas mileage to a car that is no fun to drive.

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Mazda Recalls Millions of Vehicles

» Posted November 28, 2016Resources

Many cars from a wide variety of manufacturers have been recalled in recent years. Just recently, Mazda announced that it was going to be recalling 2.3 million cars around the world. Mazda joins a very long list of car companies that have had to recall millions of vehicles due to problems.

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What You Need to Know About Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins

» Posted November 25, 2016Resources

Defective cars are released into the marketplace every day in the United States. In some cases, consumers will end up with cars that are nothing but problems, and those consumers should get help from an Orange County lemon law attorney with exploring options for legal remedies. In other circumstances, innocent consumers buy vehicles that turn out to have a defect that needs to be repaired. Getting these problems fixed can be a hassle, but it is often important for safety.

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