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Internet-Connected Automobiles: Understanding the Risks Associated With Them

» Posted December 30, 2016Resources

Today, many cars come equipped with infotainment systems and/or Internet-equipped devices. Cars have a wide variety of different features that are dependent upon access to the Internet and many consumers opt to get their cars connected so they can be tied into the worldwide web even while driving.

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Cheating in the Car Industry: A Government Crackdown is Underway

» Posted December 29, 2016Resources

Car manufacturers are not always honest.  There has been ample evidence in recent years of car makers hiding vehicle defects from regulators and the public, thus putting lives at risk. There have also been a record number of recalls in the past few years, often as news of the hidden problems finally came to light. Sometimes, these recalls didn't come until after people had been killed and cars had been on the road for decades.

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Know When to Buy a New Car

» Posted December 28, 2016Resources

Buying a new car is a stressful experience, as you have to spend a lot of money to get a new vehicle. There is little or no pricing transparency in the car buying industry, which can leave you uncertain as to how much you will end up paying or whether you got a good deal or not.  There is also a very real concern your car will be defective, especially in light of record numbers of vehicle recalls over the course of the last several years.

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Volkswagen Dealing With Yet Another Recall

» Posted December 27, 2016Resources

Volkswagen has been having a run of bad luck lately that has cost the car maker big time. Volkswagen's best known issue in recent months has been the problems with the car company's vehicles being rigged in order to perform better in emissions testing than the cars do on the road. The cars could detect when hooked up to an emissions testing machine and the vehicles performed differently than the cars would on the road under normal use. This led to an artificially low emissions rating. The problem prompted government action against VW and VW also eventually had to reach a settlement with angry consumers.

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Avoiding Car Buying Scams

» Posted December 26, 2016Resources

Car buying scams happen all the time. In many cases, it is really difficult to get your money back if you make an investment in buying a vehicle and the seller turns out to be a scam artist. You want to watch for red flags and find problems before the unscrupulous dealer has your money so you can better avoid financial loss. 

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