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Toyota Sued for Not Recalling Hybrids

» Posted March 4, 2020Resources

Companies often recall tens of thousands of vehicles (or more) because of various defects that could pose serious safety risks. The moves can cost auto manufacturers some serious cash, but not issuing a recall also has its consequences, as a new lawsuit against Toyota shows.

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Volvo, Geely Consider Car manufacturer Merger

» Posted February 28, 2020Resources

China could soon have its first global carmaker, thanks to a planned merger involving two notable names in the automobile business.

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Ford Working on Electric Sport Utility Vehicle

» Posted February 26, 2020Resources

The company is partnering with Michigan-based electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian on a battery-powered Lincoln. The new wheels are part of a larger overhaul of Lincoln’s sport utility vehicle lineup and builds on the brand’s “Quite Flight” initiative to make car travel a more tranquil experience.

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Toyota and Lexus Recall Cars Over Stalling Concerns

» Posted February 21, 2020Resources

Cars should only stop when their drivers hit the brakes. That is why Toyota and Lexus are recalling nearly 700,000 vehicles in North America.

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U.S. Car Insurance Rates on the Rise

» Posted February 19, 2020Resources

Car insurance is one of those necessary evils that is important to have when you need it, but not a whole lot of fun to pay for every month. A new study shows that car owners in the U.S. are paying more for their coverage. One reason why rates are on the rise may surprise you.

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