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Jeep Wants Another Look at Cherokees for Power Loss Issue

» Posted July 6, 2020Resources

Sport utility vehicles and others are often coveted for all-wheel drive systems that allow them to handle a wide variety of inclement weather. Of course, those systems have to actually work as designed.

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Toyota Widens Fuel Pump Recall

» Posted March 27, 2020Resources

A fuel pump defect that poses a serious safety hazard for Toyota and Lexus drivers (and anyone on the road with them) is more widespread than initially thought.

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Cruise Official Calls for Better Self-Driving Safety Reporting

» Posted March 25, 2020Resources

As a wide variety of tech and auto companies prepare for life after human drivers, some say the information being tracked to gauge the safety of autonomous vehicles is not painting the full picture.

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Nikola Says Electric Pickup Gets 600 Miles per Charge

» Posted March 20, 2020Resources

There is a new player in the electric pickup space, and this one is not wasting any time touting its performance.

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Mercedes Roof Problem Poses Safety Hazards

» Posted March 18, 2020Resources

Sunroofs may be considered a luxury feature for plenty of car drivers, but they can quickly become a serious safety hazard when manufactured or designed incorrectly.

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