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The Death of Huge Car Dealers? Honda Thinks So

» Posted July 1, 2022Resources

Honda is betting that shrinking inventory, thanks to online orders and electric vehicles, will mean the end of mega-dealerships.

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Lucid Ethernet Wiring Harness Defect Prompts Recall

» Posted June 30, 2022Resources

Lucid is recalling more than 1,100 Air vehicles because a harness defect could cause instrument panels to fail, the company recently told federal regulators. The defect could have serious consequences, if it goes unchecked, according to federal regulators.

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Hyundai Recalls 240K Cars Over Exploding Seat Belts

» Posted June 28, 2022Resources

The company recently announced that it is recalling nearly 240,000 Hyundai and Kia vehicles. It told federal regulators that faulty seat belts in the cars could explode, injuring people inside and causing accidents.

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BMW Recalls 61,000 Vehicles Over Faulty Sunroofs

» Posted June 24, 2022Resources

BMW is recalling some 61,000 vehicles whose sunroofs may malfunction, the company recently told federal regulators. A software snafu poses a trapping risk for BMW owners and passengers, according to BMW.

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Tesla Autopilot Crash Investigation Expands in U.S.

» Posted June 22, 2022Resources

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said its investigation now encompasses 830,000 Tesla vehicles equipped with Autopilot, CNN reports. Investigators have already looked at 200 crashes and are now reportedly focusing on 16 collisions involving Teslas and stopped emergency vehicles.

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